Welcome to the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience. Our academic Department, one of the oldest in the country, was founded in 1892. Our mother academic institution, Saint Louis University, was established in 1818, and our School of Medicine was the first medical school West of the Mississippi River in the United States.

Our faculty are clinicians, teachers and scholars who are strongly committed to fulfilling the academic mission of the generation, dissemination and application of scientific and medical knowledge and psychiatric advances. We are eclectic in our clinical philosophy but firmly anchored on a foundation of neuroscience, which implies that all psychiatric disorders are brain disorders manifesting in altered mood, thought, cognition and behavior.

Our top priority is teaching and training medical students and residents to provide the highest quality of evidence-based psychiatric medical care. For most medical students, the clinical clerkship is the only opportunity in their lives to learn how to diagnose and treat common psychiatric disorders, which they will later realize affects a substantial proportion of the patients they see regardless of the specialty they select as a career. For psychiatric residents who spend 4 years of training in our Department, it is a period of significant personal and professional transformation. We strive to inspire and mold our trainees to become highly competent clinicians who can skillfully diagnose and manage any clinical condition. But in addition, we also instill in our trainees a love of discovery and life-long learning that will ensure that they will remain on the cutting edge in a rapidly moving medical specialty like psychiatry. We believe that we prepare our residents for any career path they chose, be it academic, community-based, hospital-based, administrative or private practice.

The faculty, including myself, are proud to be psychiatrists, dealing with disorders of the most advanced functions of the human brain. Advances in the molecular neuroscience of how the brain generates a mind are breath-taking, and that will lead to progress in developing novel and transformative therapeutic approaches based on neurobiological models. The future of psychiatry has never been brighter!

We are also proud of our Departmental achievements: 100% of our graduating residents recently passed the boards the first time, our faculty publish numerous journal articles, book chapters and books, our Department has the only Brain Bank among medical schools in the Midwest, there are two editorial offices of major psychiatric journals in our Department, our medical students, residents and fellows regularly present at national meetings and publish articles in peer-reviewed journals.

We welcome you to join us as a faculty, a resident , a medical student or as a visitor. We also welcome you as a patient if you are seeking compassionate and evidence-based psychiatric treatment. We will always treat every patient like a family member.

Henry A. Nasrallah, MD
Professor and Chairman