Clinical Research Unit
Purpose of the CRU

The CRU is charged with facilitating the acquisition and administration of clinical trials research (under the direction of a Department of Neurology & Psychiatry faculty member in the role of Principal Investigator for the research).

This research is primarily targeted at the development and evaluation of investigational new drugs for pharmaceutical industry clients, with the goals of:

» advancing scientific understanding of neurological and psychiatric conditions
» improving the prevention and treatment of such conditions, and
» expanding patient care options.

Types of conditions for which the CRU has conducted clinical trials include:

» Alzheimer’s disease
» Stroke
» Myasthenia gravis
» Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
» Multiple sclerosis
» Epilepsy
» Parkinson’s disease
» Depression
» Agitation
» Chronic pediatric pain

Mission of the CRU

The CRU strives to deliver professional, courteous, and person-centered services to all those who participate in clinical trials research, under the umbrella of Good Clinical Practices, FDA-mandated procedures, and compliance with all ethical standards for research with people.

We are located in Monteleone Hall on the Saint Louis University medical campus. Our facility includes a reception area, an examination area, interview rooms, and confidential storage ares for research materials.

Academic Environment of the CRU

All CRU activities are conducted within a thriving academic medical environment that includes the Saint Louis University School of Medicine, SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital and SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center.

To contact the CRU, please call (314) 977-4900 for more information.

Our Team

Clinical Research Unit Team

Jafar Kafaie, MD - Director

Sue Brown RN, CCRC

Sue Brown RN, CCRC - Study Coordinator

Susan Eller, M.A., R.N., CCRC

Susan Eller, M.A., R.N., CCRC - Study Coordinator

Christina Morefield, MEd., RN, CCRC - Study Coordinator

Allison Hamtil
- Research Coordinator

Abigayle G. Hunt, BS

Abigayle G. Hunt, BS - Grants Manager

Christina Morefield, MEd., RN, CCRC



Currently Active Industry Sponsored Clinical Trials (2- ,or Designated Funds)

We currently have one of these type of Clinical Trials:
THE PRELAPSE STUDY:  "A Cluster Randomized, Multi-Center, Parallel-group, Rater-blind Study Comparing Treatment with Aripiprazole Once Monthly and Treatment as usual on Effectiveness in First Episode and Early Phase Illness in Schizophrenia"
Protocol Number COL.AOM.2013.005
Principal Investigator:  Dr. William Maurice Redden
Study Coordinator:  Susan Brown
Number of Subjects Enrolled:  8

Currently Active Non-Industry Sponsored Trials and Grants (3-, or Sponsored Fund Numbers)

The Chess Study: Neuroprotective Effects of Chess on Memory Loss:  Examination of Cognitive Functioning and Brain Resting State Networks
Principal Investigator:  Dr. Lauren Schwarz
Study Coordinator:  Susan Brown
Number of Subjects Enrolled:  42
Enrollment Goal:  90
Sponsor:  Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis

NIH Pain Consortium Centers of Excellence in Pain Education

Principal Investigator:  Dr. Raymond Tait
Prime Sponsor:  Federal Government / National Institutes of Health
Subcontract (Our) Sponsor:  Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville