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Pediatric Neurology Faculty and Staff


Our Peds Program Group



The Pediatric Neurology faculty consists of 5 full time pediatric neurologists, each of whom takes an active part in the clinical, research and educational programs. By inclination and choice, we favor an informal, collegial, professional atmosphere in our clinical, educational and research. Brief biographies for each faculty member can be found in the web pages of the Saint Louis University Department of Neurology.

Faculty Residents Staff
Deepa Arun, MD Anuranijita Nayak, MD Eden Halstead
Glen A. Fenton, MD Otto L. Aldahondo, MD Sue Dawson
Thomas Geller, MD Deepti Chrusciel, MD Veronica Stowall
Alpha Vashist, MD
David J. Walsh, MD


Tracy Moore, RN, CSPNP
Barbara Whitman, PhD
Gloria Smalls, RN
Marilyn Horst, MSW

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