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Goals and Objectives of the Psychiatry Residency Program

Goals and Objectives of the Residency Program

The objective of this program is to provide a comprehensive educational experience for residents with increasing levels of responsibility in the care of all patients with psychiatric disorders. Our program emphasizes the residents' continued professional development and competence for the modern practice of psychiatry. Our clinical faculty represents many points of view, and our clinical settings expose our residents to culturally and economically diverse patient populations. Both contribute to a rich training experience that offers many exciting opportunities for professional and personal growth.

Residents at SLU are educated to be proficient in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of all major psychiatric disorders and common medical and neurological disorders that interface with the practice of psychiatry. During the course of the training our residents develop essential clinical skills, judgment, professionalism, and the sensitivity necessary to become skilled and empathic psychiatrists in the settings of academic medicine or psychiatric practice. Our program includes training in clinical skills, in the doctor-patient interactions, in administrative and organizational skills and exposure to the requirements of managed health care. Our program encourages active involvement in research activities to stimulate and develop the residents' ability to critically evaluate psychiatric literature and to promote those interested in pursuing an academic career.

The overall outline of the clinical training is described in the block diagram below.

Please see the link to the Geriatric track page for the appropriate block diagram for that program.