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Law and Psychiatry

Clinical Rotations:

  • 6 months Inpatient Psychiatry, including Major Psychiatric Syndromes, Substance Abuse and Emergency Psychiatry
  • 4 months Medicine/Pediatrics
  • 2 months Neurology


  • 2 months Geriatric Psychiatry
  • 5 months Inpatient Psychiatry
  • 12 months Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic, 1/2 day per week
  • 2 months Child Psychiatry
  • 2 months Consultation/Liaison Psychiatry
  • 1 month Addiction Psychiatry
  • 12 months full-time outpatient psychiatry including Community psychiatry, and Managed Care Psychiatry.


  • 3 months Junior Attending at the VAMC
  • 2 months Eating Disorders
  • 2 months Administrative Psychiatry
  • 2 months Consultation/Liaison Psychiatry
  • 3 months selective
  • 12 months of 1/2 day/week Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic

Special arrangements have been made to allow all the First - Postgraduate Year residents to "come home" every Tuesday from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm to be with their fellow psychiatric residents, attend a residents' meeting, have a business lunch and attend didactic lectures together.

Starting in the PGY-2 year residents spend one-half day per week in the adult Outpatient Clinic, evaluating and treating patients whom they can follow in therapy until graduation.

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