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Crash Course in Basic Psychiatry: an intensive introductory overview covering essentials of diagnosis and treatment, legal and ethical issues and administrative procedures in psychiatry, including specifics for the residency environment.

Introduction to Child & Adolescent Psychiatry: the foundations of the spectrum of disorders, psychopathology, diagnosis and treatment. Effects of divorce, child abuse and, suicide are also covered.

Basic Clinical Psychiatry: establishes a sound foundation of knowledge to support and develop the development of psychiatric clinical skills. We have systematic study of the main psychiatric disorders and the foundation of the use of psychiatric medications.

Consultation and Emergency Psychiatry: the knowledge and skills necessary to diagnose, triage and treat psychiatric emergencies and psychiatric disorders encountered on the medical-surgical services. It includes clinical case presentations and seminars and meets weekly throughout the year.

Research Methods: basic principles and applications of research methodology, statistical analysis of quantitative data, enabling residents to read, critique and apply research findings published in the literature.

Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology:

Introduction to Psychodynamic Psychiatry: familiarizes the beginning resident with the core Psychodynamic concepts, understanding patient’s behavior and symptoms, the doctor-patient relationship and the bio-psychosocial model of illness.

ECT: covers issues of patient’s selection, methodology, anesthesia and side-effects.