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The GPD is engaged in a variety of collaborative basic science and clinical research projects.The Department of Neurology&Psychiatry's Clinical Research Unit fosters many Phase 2 and 3 drug studies and other research. The GPD has been a leader in helping to develop promising compounds for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease, depression and related disorders.

A summer research experience for medical and pre-medical students is offered. Recent projects include:

  • "The Use of an Apraxia Screening Tool to Stage Alzheimer's Disease"
  • "Atypical Antipsychotics and the Risk of Diabetes Among Elderly In Nursing Homes"
  • "The Utility of Alzheimer's Hospice"
  • "The Neuroanatomic and Neurochemical Correlates of Problem Behaviors In Dementia: A Brain Bank Study"
  • "An Attenuated Vaccine to A-Beta in the Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease"
  • "The Use of the Clock Drawing Test to Predict Rehab Potential Post-Stroke."

Under the leadership of its recently appointed chair, Dr Henry Kaminski, the GPD looks forward to continued growth in the areas of clinical service, education and research . To provide state of the art care for older adults and their families with a variety of late-life mental disorders.To help train future experts in late life mental disorders and to contribute via research to our better-understanding of Alzheimer's disease, depression, delirium, psychoses, and other other disabling geriatric psychiatric syndromes.